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Patrick Keel, Co-Founder & Managing Member

Patrick brings over 18 years of portfolio management and oversight experience to Advisor Logistics. He started his career in 1998 working for Kaspick & Company, a charitable asset management firm specializing in the oversight and administration of planned gifts. It was here where he learned how to provide world class, white glove customer service and support working in the Operations, Asset Transfer, and Portfolio Management Groups before overseeing and managing all three teams for 10 years. Patrick’s Portfolio Management group was responsible for the oversight, analysis, and execution on over 3,500 accounts totaling $3.5 billion, with annual trade totals topping $1 billion. Patrick’s implementation and usage of key portfolio management awareness tools allowed his group to efficiently and confidently manage a large number of accounts while increasing capacity and reducing risk.

Mr. Keel parlayed these institutional management skills into the advisor world where he introduced many of these policies, practices, and procedures to advisory firms in San Francisco, Dallas, and San Antonio, helping them tighten their internal portfolio management control and raising their risk awareness. With the addition of standardized written documentation and formalized institutional procedure, RIAs (Registered Investment Advisors) where Patrick was employed were able to streamline their business, create capacity, and focus on nurturing their client relationships.In addition to working next to advisors, Patrick has also spent time sitting across from advisors in the financial services software field, most recently serving as Chief Operating Officer of TradeWarrior, a trading and portfolio management software company specializing in rebalancing software.

As COO, Patrick was responsible for the overall strategy and direction of the firm’s operations, working directly with the CEO, product developers, end users, and the financial community to identify industry needs and create highly valuable software solutions. In addition to turning advisors’ dreams into technological realities, Mr. Keel also oversaw the Client Support Team where he was able to utilize his previous customer service experiences and implement a white glove approach to customer support for TradeWarrior clients.

Patrick’s gold standard customer service experience, expertise in portfolio management, and his vast knowledge of the tools necessary to be successful in advisory oversight and execution make him a well-regarded subject matter expert in the advisor industry.Patrick graduated from Santa Clara University in 1997 with a degree in Finance. He married his wife, Senya, in December of 2013, and they have two lovely daughters, Vivianna and Katia. A native Texan that spent almost 30 years in California, Patrick is now back in Texas and resides in San Antonio with his family.

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Brett Wheeler, CFP® - Co-founder & Managing Member

With over a decade of experience in the financial services industry in both personal wealth and portfolio management, Brett brings a relatable experience and perspective to the firms Advisor Logistics serves.

After earning a BBA from the University of Texas at San Antonio, Brett began his career working with individuals and families as a representative with an independent broker/dealer. In 2012, he started his own Registered Investment Advisor firm, leaving the commissioned-based business behind. Brett quickly gained a solid reputation as a portfolio manager for other investment advisors, leading his RIA to rebrand and rebuild in early 2015 to a firm that provides an infrastructure where advisors can thrive. Starting as a solo shop with just two million dollars in AUM in 2012, the firm grew to five full-time advisors with one hundred thirty million dollars in AUM by the end of 2017.

Through this growth, Brett gained experience as a chief investment officer and portfolio
manager and further developed his skills in key leadership roles and in compliance, branding and operations management. Based on his experience, Brett knows what it takes to start and successfully run a new, independent RIA practice, and he understands the goals and challenges RIAs face in relating to and assisting advisors with the goal of creating a successful experience for the client.

Over the years Brett has recognized a service void in the independent RIA industry of advisory firms like the one he began. Such firms need professional, white glove portfolio management and oversight services, but many do not have the means or ability to hire the staff necessary for such services. This recognition helped lead to the development of Advisor Logistics.

An Austin, Texas native, Brett has lived in San Antonio for almost sixteen years where he
currently resides with his wife and three-year-old son and baby daughter. Brett is active in his church, enjoys golfing and playing chess, and is an avid salt water angler

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Stephanie Wright

Stephanie Wright comes to Advisor Logistics with 10 years of experience in the day to day management, support, and processing of data. Her eye for detail is a valuable asset to the Advisor Logistics team. Stephanie brings a fine-tuned perspective to the table to see all areas of the business with her experience in sales, financial management, performance analysis and customer service.

Stephanie has worked with many different firms and recognizes the struggles of an advisor being drug into the day to day and not being able to focus on the important touch points of client management.

 She has noticed that in data management the common denominator is that data is the backbone of the well-oiled machine and that needs to be in someone’s hands that you can rely on to keep it clean, up to date and ready for trading at all times. Which brings her into the Advisor Logistics team so seamlessly – her passions for helping advisors focus on the importance of their role and the solution that the white glove platform brings are one in the same.

Stephanie is Dallas-based. She and her husband, BJ share their home with two daughters (5 and 1), a dog, and cat. She loves to rock climb, kayak and spend time outdoors with her family.